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What is Regression?

Regression is the experience of going back to an earlier time.

Past-Life Regression (PLR) involves the re-experiencing of a previous lifetime.

Past-Life Therapy (PLT) is PLR used for emotional and spiritual healing. PLT sessions often include additional steps, such as visualizing healing energies, contacting higher beings, or communicating with past-life characters.

How intense is the Experience?

Regression can be a very vivid and realistic experience involving two or more of your senses (for example, vision, hearing, and physical sensations). At other times, regression can be more subtle, involving relatively vague images and feelings. Usually, you can expect to access enough information to allow for an interesting and useful experience.

Will I re-live or re-call a Past Life on my first try?

Many people do enjoy a vivid experience the first time. Others will typically get some impressions -- some images, thoughts or feelings -- which can lead to a fuller past-life experience in a later session.

What is a typical Regression Session like?

Most regression sessions include just two people: experiencer and the facilitator. Typically, a session is scheduled in advance, to last 1-1/2 hours. The session begins with discussion, which is followed by regression. During these individual sessions, the experiencer and facilitator talk frequently about what is happening, so that guidance can be tailored to the specific person and what he or she is experiencing at the moment. These events are often highly emotional, so the facilitator ideally will be a well-trained hypnotist who can help maximize the healing potential of these experiences. Following the regression, some time is usually set aside to "process" the experience, again to maximize its potential benefits. 

During a Past-Life Regression, will I experience only the actual events of a past life?

These regressions can include any combination of memory, imagination, and psychic experience. The "memory" component can blend accurate recall of a specific past life with other images -- for example, personal present-lifetime memories, as well as memories of scenes from movies.

"Pure" recollection of past lives is not necessary for healing and personal growth. Recent research reveals that even present-lifetime memories are, to various degrees, frequently mixed up with each other and distorted by emotions and attitudes. Discovering the essence of the story which surfaces during a regression, and at least a few important details which help bring the story into focus, is most valuable. 

Is it possible to experience the Between-Life state, between leaving one lifetime and being born into another?

Is it possible to experience the Between-Life state, between leaving one lifetime and being born into another?


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