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What is Hypnotic Life Coaching?

Hypnotic Life Coaching consists trance and hypnotic suggestion aimed at reaching agreed goals attained through time-limited and measurable action. It is generally catalytic, rather than analytic or advisory and is designed to maintain high levels of motivation. Some people have no specific symptoms, just a general dissatisfaction with the general direction of their lives. Other people may have certain difficulties in life that they want to overcome or feel they have lost their sense of direction. However, these are not normally the kinds of issue that I deal with as a hypnotherapist (e.g. weight control, smoking, fears, phobias, depression,etc).

Hypnotic Life Coaching is concerned with the present and future rather than the past. Clients tend to be well adjusted yet sense that things could be better. The relaxed and positive (no such thing as failure) spirit and emphasis on being able to achieve more is what makes Hypnotic Life Coaching different to therapy. Hypnotic Life Coaching takes all that is good about trance, hypnotic suggestion and Hypnotic Life Coaching and puts them together to form a unique experience. Unlike hypnotherapy, Hypnotic Life Coaching uses trance where appropriate. In agreement with you, as a coach I pursue whatever is working in a very pragmatic way and ask you what you think would be most productive, including the use of trance. Whilst trance can improve suggestibility, it can take up a substantial amount of time in a session unnecessarily if Hypnotic Life Coaching is progressing well without it. Thomas Edison’s quote captures the spirit of Hypnotic Life Coaching, essentially a positive mental attitude: “When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.

Hypnotic Life Coaching is a journey from Point A (your current standpoint) to a better Point B. What is crucial is that both you and I are clear on what we are achieving. Just how accurately does it detail what needs to be achieved, and by what means, and in what timescale? With its effective questioning and focused exploration, goal and objective setting, and work around motivation towards the objectives, Hypnotic Life Coaching is powerful solution-focused approach. Trance is used primarily for the purposes of exploration, enhancing motivation, building belief and consolidating agreed objectives into the unconscious mind.

Want to manifest better things in your life? Tired of fear bogging you down? If you want to remove the obstacles from your goals, then life Hypnotic Life Coaching is for you!

Hypnotic Life Coaching is not therapy. A life coach does not seek to fix or change you. Rather, a coach works to empower you by helping you find the wisdom you seek from a deep, centered place within. It is the art of powerful questioning that helps you tap into your own inner spring of knowledge.

After your session, you can expect to move forward with your goal with more clarity and motivation.

Initial Discovery Session: $100.00 1hr

then $88.00 per hour individual session

Packages: 4 1hr sessions: $300.00 or 10 1hr sessions: $800.00

Skype and Phone Sessions are available...

Location: I live in Fort Worth, TX

call for address and directions

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