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PTSD Private Retreat Options

offered in Fort Worth, TX

Retreat Packages: 3 Day, 5 Day, 6 Day or 7 Day


I am also available to come to your location. call for details.


I want to thank you again for taking time to help me with my

New Life ~New Me. You have taken my shattered heart and pieced it together. Giving me the right tools in such a spiritual way that has allowed me to know that you have been Heaven sent! I literally can not "Thank you" enough for helping me close pasCat doors, restoring my lost inner child, forgiving what I thought was unforgivable and putting me on the right path. Most importantly, Thank you, for showing me how to let my son SGT Matthew Travis rest in peace. Your organic meals and home ambiance helped me with the healing process. I appreciate you trifold!


Lisa P.

Fort Worth, TX

What is Cellular Release Therapy / Cellular Block Release Therapy?

Cellular Release Therapy / Cellular Block Release Therapy is a process used to remove old unwanted behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve us. It is a gentle and easy way to let go of old programming and outdated thought-forms. Our brain is like computer hardware and our thoughts and feelings are like software. Most of the unconscious thoughts and feelings caused/created beliefs that are based on mis-perceptions about things we experienced as children or during times of Shock,Trauma, or Drama (similar to a virus running on a computer). Changing the programming through the use of Cellular Release Therapy / Cellular Block Release Therapy is gentle and non-invasive and can be permanent freedom from Dis-Ease in the Body, Mind and Spirit. A Cellular Release Therapy / Cellular Block Release Therapist can facilitate the release of Dis-Ease in your life, including PTSD symptoms, negative thought-forms and thought patterns, stress release, relationship issues, conflicts, depression, anger, resentment, lack of forgiveness for self and for others, low self esteem, addictions and lack of prosperity or abundance issues and physical problems or diseases. Several sessions are recommended to de-fuse/clear/transmute the core experience or core belief that created the issue. Once the behavior/belief is de-fused/cleared/transmuted then it’s possible to create a whole New Life without any Negative Emotional Charge around the experience or the memory of the experience…(the memory is still there, just no emotional charge around the memory). 

**This work is based in part on training I received from the Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute, Alchemy Institute, the Colorado School of Coaching and Hypnotherapy, and in classes and certifications by my teachers/mentors, Zoilita Grant of Longmont, Colorado and Anne DeChenne Drucker of Parker, Colorado.

Insurance:We do not bill insurance companies for services. We suggest you think of our services as something that you will pay for personally. That will both protect your privacy and help you value the work you are doing more. No refund on any unused days on the retreat package as we have booked this time just for you.

Treatment Is Confidential:Client records and transactions with the practitioner are confidential, and may only be viewed by the NewLife-NewYou LLC. staff, unless release of these records is authorized in writing by the client, or otherwise provided by law.

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