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Fees and Packages:

Investment in the New You:

$150.00 Initial Interview & 1st session  90 mins

$125.00 addt 90min sessions after initial interview session.

$100.00 Life Coaching 1hr session after $100.00 initial discovery session

Package Specials:

$499.00 ~ Hypnosis ~ 5 Session program - 90 mins. each

$399.00 ~ Hypnotic Life Coaching ~ 4 Session program-1hr each

$325.00 ~ Hypno - Stop Smoking/Chewing ~ 3 Session program

$650.00 ~ Hypno - Weight Loss Program ~ 6 Sessions program-1hr each

$250.00 ~ Hypno - Regression ~ 2hr session (mp3 file/journal incl)

***The Hypno - Weight Loss Program is based on the idea that it's not what we eat but WHY we eat. As we all know, Diets don't work permanently.

We must find our Inner Eater and help that part of us to FEEL Love in a NEW Healthy Way.  

FYI: The average stomach staple or bypass patient gains all their weight back within 3 years if they don't change WHY they eat

Hypnosis and Emotional Release work is a way that you can change WHY you over-eat. I will work with you to help you in the best way I possibly can.


Location: I live in Fort Worth, TX

call for address and directions

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