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Donna Jo Bergman,CCHt

Master Hypnotist

Hypnotic Life Coach

Certified Consulting Hypnotist (member NGH)

Clinical Hypnotherapist (member A.C.H.E.)


Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist

Cellular Release Therapy* Practitioner

Behavioral Kinesiology Practitioner

Law of Attraction Practitioner

Psych-K* Practitioner

Reiki Master/Instructor

M. Div. Ordained Peace Minister

We all have inner conflicts and inner wounds that hold us back or keep us from being all we can be!! Hypnosis can help resolve the old beliefs about ourselves and helps to develop new beliefs that serve us better. Donna Jo lives in Fort Worth, TX and offers Private Sessions in person or by Skype. 3 Day, 5 Day or 7 Day Retreats are also available for healing, Body, Mind, Soul/Spirit...

Donna Jo Bergman, Fort Worth, TX

I am trained in Cellular Release Therapy* or Cellular Block Release Therapy* which helps those with PTSD or C-PTSD symptoms without having to relive or revisit the memory of the Trauma.  It works well for any type of Shock, Trauma or Drama or abuse whether,  Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual.  It can clear from the Core Cellular Memory Level.


All these things listed below can be helped or improved with hypnosis or hypnotherapy: Overall Health, Improved Wellness, Chakra Balancing, Anxiety, Stress, Addiction, Quit Chewing, Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking, Stop Over Eating, ADD/ADHD symptoms, PTS/PTSD symptoms, OCD symptoms, Allergies, Lifestyle Change, Fears, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Loss of Loved One, Depression, Holistic, Starting Over, Relationships, Wounds, Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, New Beginnings and Illness of any kind can benefit...Most all illness has a root cause and can be rooted in some kind of childhood shock/trauma/drama...Children can benefit greatly from Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy as well..


Call or email to see How Hypnosis will Help you.

By Appointment Only! 817-228-6860

Location: I live in Fort Worth, TX

call for address and directions

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