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Donna Jo Bergman,CCHt
Donna Jo Bergman, Fort Worth, TX
Master Hypnotist
Certified Consulting Hypnotist (member NGH)
Clinical Hypnotherapist (member A.C.H.E.)
Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist
Cellular Release Therapy* Practitioner
Behavioral Kinesiology Practitioner
Psych-K* Practitioner
Reiki Master/Instructor
M. Div. Ordained Peace Minister
Donna Jo knows first hand how hypnosis works because it’s a tool that she discovered to help her heal her own inner conflicts and inner wounds.  Helping with inner turmoil, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a tool that helped lead her towards a new path of destiny.  We all have inner conflicts and inner wounds that hold us back or keep us from being all we can be!!   Hypnosis can help resolve the old beliefs about ourselves and helps to develop new beliefs that serve us better.
Most addictions become habitual when they block out or keep us from “feeling” our real feelings.  It becomes a habit and a way of avoiding or facing our real “issues”.  Giving up smoking cigarettes, giving up a sugar or overeating habit or some other substance, alcohol or drugs is possible when the real “underlying” feeling or emotional distress is uncovered.  It usually takes several sessions to uncover the real root cause of any issue, any addiction or any wound.
Do you want to start over? Do you have sleep issues or insomnia, relationship issues? Have you ever wanted Peace, Joy and Happiness but never been able to find it or to sustain it?  Does your Left Brain never stop or shut off?  Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy can help to change any issue or problem for something new, something better.  Is it time for a New Beginning? 
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